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Gladstone Oregon: A History Pt. 1

Gladstone Historical Society

Gladstone Oregon: A History Pt. 1


"Gladstone, Oregon: History Part One: Earliest Times to the Civil War's Eve"

Third printing c. 2011

by Herbert K Beals

"Interest in researching and writing a general history of the city was expressed by members of the Gladstone Historical Society in the early 1980's. A grant was secured from the Oregon Committee (now Council) for the Humanities to assist in undertaking such a project, and this publication is in part the result of that financial support."  p.xi



About the Author:

Gladstone was lucky to have a gem like Herbert K Beals living in our midst. “There were times I found the history of a town was more interesting than anything else,” Beals told the Oregonian in 1992.

Born in Portland, Beals had been a Gladstone resident since 1962.  His impressive list of experiences and interests include: Degree in Social Science from PSU, worked as an Urban Planner for Clackamas County, The University of Oregon’s Bureau of Governmental Research and Service, the Columbia Region Association of Governments, the Geological Society of the Oregon Country,  worked for the National Security Administration, was active with the Oregon Archeological Society, drew maps of the excavation of Native American artifacts and Chinese coins at the Trojan nuclear power plant, article about excavation publshed in Historical Archaeology, published over 60 articles for various publications including Who’s Who series, the Oxford Companion to World Exploration, and Coins Magazine, collected ancient Roman currancy, worked for the Oregon Historical Society, and published many historical books.

Gladstone Oregon: A History was published in 1992 after 8 years of research. In Gladstone he would give tours of local historical homes during the Chautauqua Festival. PSU has a plaque honoring his achievements.




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